Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ronda and Her Girls, Part II

Part II
On Sunday, I finally had that congratulation RN dinner with Ronda, Porcha, and Rya. My son was there too and we all ate well at Alexanders. Here are some pics, all should be up loaded to the same web site as before. 

Part I
Ronda just became an RN, something which is very hard to achieve. I became an RN in 2008. This task challenged me many time. I am not the greatest student, but I persevere. So I know how hard it is to become a RN. So last week when Ronda said she passed the NCLEX, I literally jump for joy. For it was a joy for her, myself, and her family too. I too can relive my success in others for the happiness of others is wonderful, so it was like Christmas in October. I said to Ronda "let's go out to celebrate, dinner is on me." We didn't make dinner that evening, but I got some good pics. Will update later with more after we have the celebration.

Click this link to see all pics taken of Ronda's family and Friends in October 2014

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