Saturday, November 1, 2014

Surprise for Anthony in Toledo, Ohio

Many come to Toledo to find work. It's cold in winter and hot in the summer. Some can pick the warmth of California, or the power of DC, but Toledo is unique for it attracts those who love others the most. Today, Tony, Anthony, son, brother, AG, professor, husband, doctor, mentor, or student was surprised to see those who love him the most were here in Toledo, Ohio. I am very impressed that his family and friends would travel so far to see him. I did not know Anthony had such a great following, but after looking at his work and the places he touched it was easy to see why. All pics are upload to Walgreens.

To see all pics taken at Anthony's Surprise, then just click this link to Walgreens, You will need to have a valid e-mail address. Not all have been loaded, video is not there.

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