Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015 USMC Landing Party, Toledo Ohio

I have Marine envy. It started slow in my mid thirties, cultivated by books and stories about Marine, my marine friends, and those one on one interactions with marines. Stories about our military are great but there is a whole subset which stand apart from these. Those stories are about marines. In life I found out they do more with less, give more than most, stand ground till last, run toward the sound of fire, believe they're the best, never ever give up on the mission, but most of all never ever give up on another marine. They're America's response to Troy, our true stoic soldier. Here's a test, get a Marine sticker for your car, pull over any place on any road, just sit and watch how many other marines will stop and help you, just for seeing that USMC sticker. You better be a pretty girl, else watch out. To bad they wouldn't take a 63 year old for I would go.

Here are my teasers, I will attempt to make the Landing Event every year, so watch for me. I told Paul Smitty, Toledo Marine Chapter Commander, that would forward print to hand out. Your lucky because I just found his e-mail. Ask in a week or so. If your having a family or friend event, call me. I'm working afternoons now, so some my time is limited. No one can beat my rates, unless as I was told, if one pays you.

Click this link to take you to Walgreen's Photo Site, here you can see most of my pics and even print some from Walgreens, it's now $.29, which I know you can afford, you got to register.

Have a great day,

SgtPete, Vietnam Vet, USAF

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