Saturday, April 25, 2015

2015 Artomatic 419 in Toledo Ohio

Working night limits my artist craft, for I too am an artist. I can't really paint, sing, or dance, but I got this Nikon and I travel. So call me. Here are my teasers of your event. Will attempt to cover 2017 event's in greater detail. I love this event, so much different is the culture of artist. Most are at Walgreens, print 5 for Mom and Dad, or that special friend.

There's more at Walgreen photo site, but still more on my CPU. If you want to see all, then let me know your photo number via Walgreens, and I can send you some, but better yet, call me for the family pic, we only live once and these family and friends are the best of the best. Love ya too. Peter

Click this link to see a selective of pics taken at the 2015 Automatic 419 in Tolodo, Ohio

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  1. Thank you again, the pictures are great! I think that what you do is wonderful!
    God bless,
    The Duvalls