Friday, March 6, 2015

Third 2015 Fish Fry at St. Jerome, Walbridge, Ohio

This is the Third Friday of Lent, at St. Jeromes' Fish Fry. This week was slow and steady, something the crews seem to like. Most of those good deserts were gone in the first hour. If you snooze you loose. I was pretty tied, since I worked the night before. I did get some good family pics, some I know will be around for two or three generations. Immortality here, least for that time till great great grandchild say "Whose this?" Many ask why I do this, I jokingly reply it's penance for my previous sins, that I still need to get into heaven. But I believe it is a purposes that my God has given me, for the purpose of life is to have a purpose. What better way to show love than to see a smiling pic of family and friends. Here are my teasers:

To see those pic I printed for next week, then click this link to Walgreens' Photo site. I enhanced this pics, new Walgeens' Page. 

I got more pics of you on my hard drive, but Walgreens has this limited space issue. Who would know that one could limit ones memory. If you want to see more of this event, e.g., I took 3 to 6 pics of which  only one is posted, then send me an e-mail. I need the four digit number found at the Walgreen site. I can upload these large files to dropbox, then you can download to your hard drive. Just ask. 

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