Friday, March 13, 2015

Fourth 2015 Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, Walbridge, OH

This is the fourth Friday of Lent at St. Jerome Fish Fry. This must of been an excellent fish fry for the line of folks wanting a meal was still there at 7 p.m.

We posted only pics from week 1 and 2, while week 3 had quality control issues. The root causes are camera malfunction, print development, or an issue called operator error, that's me. I will attempt to have these redone this week. This statement of failure is what one calls a half fault formal apologize.

Making a mistakes is one way in which God tells you which way to go. It's never ever your success which guides you but your failures. Failures are the true teaching/learning curve. It's a b-slap form above, saying "this way not that way." I learned this from Napoleon Hill, my mentor and a great lesson maker, he wrote “Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit." It would be wise to memorize these words, and repeat them anytime a negative event happens. It would be wiser to study success and read a little of his work, it's free at the library. You do have a library card? To be successful, study success, it's simple, it's like having a map of ones life. 

Been burning that candle at both ends so time passes. Can someone explain why I am always hungry. Only three Fish Fries left, some will be glad of this while others sad. Please come again, but bring that loved one. Still working on my operational technique for taking capturing those loved ones, so ask for another pic.

Click this link to see those pics I printed at Walgreens, got more but you got to ask.


  1. I don't see our picture from this Fish Fry - either in teasers or in the walgreens. how do I know if you have it? all very good pics you have here :)

  2. Amy, send me an e-mail and will talk. Please note, if it came out bad (operator action) than I may have deleted it. In any case we can do it again.