Friday, March 20, 2015

Fifth 2015 Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, Walbridge, OH

This is the fifth Friday of Lent, at St. Jerome's Fish Fry.  I will continue to post printed pics in the library wall. There are two Fridays left, so if you know of any who want that family picture, then come for a meal and I will capture that moment.

After the fish fry on Good Friday, those pics taken on Good Friday and those pics left homeless will be with Bret Huntebrinker, Parish Manager at I looked at the table of three years past pics. Many are gone. I am grateful that these pics have found a home. 

I still desire that you take your picture or that picture of family or friends, and either keep it or give it too them today. Don't be afraid, if you know anyone, just take and give it to them. Picture taken last year are on the table in the take out room. 

Love them up today, it goes way too fast, just look at me. Don't forget to tell them so, that you do love them. Below are my teasers, been working, it takes it a toll. 

I like this shoot, many smiles and loved ones. You know the purpose of life is a life of purpose. What is yours? See you all soon, bring that loved one and I'ill do it again. 

Click this link to see those pics printed at the Walgreen Photo site. If you want more, than just ask me. 

Here are the links to 2014 Fish Fry Pics
Fifth 2015 Fish Fry at St. Jerome Parish Walbridge, OH, March 20, 2015

Fourth 2015 Fish Fry at St. Jerome Parish Walbridge, OH, March 13, 2015 

Third 2015 Fish Fry at St. Jerome Parish Walbridge, OH, March 6 2015 

Second 2015 Fish Fry at St. Jerome Parish, Walbridge, OH, February 27, 2015 

First 2015 Fish Fry at St. Jerome Parish,Walbridge, OH, February 20, 2015

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