Monday, December 19, 2016

Laura and Terri's New Beginning

Hello DB Folks

John wanted me to come to the section meeting on December 14th, 2016. He wanted some pics of Laura and Terri's goodbye lunch. These ladies work at DB. Some say that they can make or break you. That may be true, for time cards get lost, meeting notices are not issued or your procedure/package gets lost and goes unsigned. In the past, Engineers would write their procedures in long hand, then Laura and Terri would type them on hard copy, sometimes three or four times. We had no computers, no word processes, no fancy printers. A copy machine was our saving grace, but Laura and Terri typed that final draft on a IBM Selectric. It was a great machine. They help with those arriving and leaving. Giving advice and counsel. For Laura proofed my thesis, got my retirement program kick start, and kept me employed through some trying times (I know you helped me:) ). My mouth along with stubbornness is not the PC vision that management wanted to see, so I will always owe.  Now Laura and Terri go forward to a new beginning. I will attempt to print a nice print with a border for all too sign. Just want to know what size you want, also what pic you like. Those prints can be viewed on Walgreens or Snapfish, see links below. Have great retirement, but keep busy, keep thinking and take those walks everyday. Hope to see you soon. 
Love ya, Peter

Here are some teasers:

One will need to sign in or register with Walgreens to see these picture.

Click this link to take you to Walgreen's Photo site to see all taken of Laura and Terri and if desire to ordered prints.

Click this link to take you to Snapfish's Photo site to see all taken of Laura and Terri and if desire to ordered prints.

There are other DB pics, but these are in the past. Some will remember, other no so. Check the indexes. Time goes fast so my goal is freeze those memories of family and friends. Call me I will give you that DB discount. Friends and family are we really have. You need to love and celebrate them every day. Universal answer is yes, but you got to ask.  I won't pay you to take your picture, I'm too cheap. Got to go.

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