Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas at Otterbein, Pemberville, Ohio

Hi Folks

I want to thank you for your hugs and smiles. I got a new family to love and it's you.  Been here since Spring, and every day I learn something new from you or new to myself. Seems I'm always learning, sometimes I got to learn things twice, but so be it. This is my Christmas present to you. I will attempt to make a DVD slide show when time permits. I already order the prints from Walgreens. There done so you should start seeing those prints around Tuesday. Check with Laura. At the bottom of this page are four links of all pictures taken via the Walgreens photo site. But you can browse the index (there's two of them) to see if I captured your family or friends in Northwest Ohio. I've been doing this for seven years, in search of smiles, hugs and memories.  

On behalf of my co-workers, friends and myself, have a Merry Christmas and let God shine on you.

Love ya Pete

Here are my teasers:

So you didn't see you picture. Don't fear for all picture taken are yours to see at Walgreens. Below are four event links to the Walgreens photo site. You will need to register or sign in to Walgreens with a valid e-mail address. Be advised, Otterbein did not pay me to take these. I do this of my own free will and for you. I understand that some may not like their picture, so If you or any family member wants a picture removed, then they may request so. See my Rule for  Schools, Charities and You . I am not here to make profit, I am here to keep the love alive.  

My universal answer is YES, but you got to ask. If you want the original pic, then ask. If you want a nice print, then ask. If you want some more copies then ask. So click these links below and feel free to forward this URL to those who love you.

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