Friday, March 17, 2017

Third Fish Fry of 2017 at St Jerome's Parish, Walbridge, Oh

I love my job. I am a nurse. I deal with people who I love. I practice with mind and soul. But prayer helps me and them every night. I just pray and my God response. I live one day at a time, for this is best. When I live in the past I get depressed, when I live in the future I get anxious. So I live in the present. I tell my patients this too. That is we live one day at a time. That we love each other one day at at time. Tomorrow is a new day, but let's live today. So hug that child and husband. Kiss that baby. Smile hard at him or her. Hold tight her hand for today we show love.
Lv ya too. Peter

Click here to see pics taken at the 3rd FF at St. Jerome's Parish on March 17th.

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