Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quinn Seymour Benefit Pasta Dinner, Toledo, Ohio

Many gathered today to raise fund in assisting six month old Quinn Seymour, who has was diagnosed with Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa—Herlitz, or “EB”. This is a rare genetic disorder that is painful skin illness that can lead to disability. We all need to thank those family and friends that made this event happen.

Many of these friends and family were eating away at the Central Park West Event Hall in Toledo, Ohio. I took some great family pics. We all ate well, Zita and meat balls. The wife won five silent raffles, but I don't think this is actually winning.  All pic taken tonight are here and/or at snap fish. Food was excellent, and I liberated some extra deserts too, for my personal use later. Can someone forward this page to Marc & Mandy Seymour. Thanks, here are today's teasers:


Well these teasers and all pics taken today can be seen via the link below. Please check out my index of previous posts. You must know someone from these, I get around.  

Forward my URL to others, and let them know that you love them too. Don't forget military family members, there only an e-mail away and they too love you. Please prints some via snap fish at Walgreens or such. Time marches on, your parents who believe that a mouse is just a rodent, would love to see some of these pics as a printed copy. They last way much longer. It's cheap too, five or six prints, just $1 or $2 via snap fish mail, or order a couple via Walgreens. I know your good for it, e-mail me if you want the originals or something bigger. Take care, love them up. Love ya too, SgtPete 

Click this link to see all pics taken at the Quinn Seymore Benefit.