Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014 Cheer for the Cure, Genoa, Ohio

A great thank you for Maria Maluchnik, her friends and family, in putting on this event to fight cancer. All cheerleader's parents are so proud. Please print some for mom, dad, and grandma, only 20 cents per print at Walgreens or watch for sales. If you want the original pic, then ask, universal answer is yes, but you got to ask with a please. Remember to look at my index of previous post, you or or loved one may have been captured in the past.  If you missed me on this event, then bring your friends and family to the St Jerome's Friday Fish Fry from March 7th till Good Friday for a free printed pic, (I pay) and a great meal (you pay). If you want a team pic, get the ok from those above, see rules page, and call me.

I know all had a great time and that Stella is watching you cheer  away. Time is way too short, just look how much you grown, while me graying. So please, just love your Mom and Dad every day, in every way, tell them so, for their love for you is endless. A loving heart is the only investment that has more than 100 percent return. Give some today, it's free to give you know, let them know this by word and deed. Do a good deed for them, something special, and watch the returns. In the near future you will be just like them. Hope to see you all soon, Don't be shy to ask me for that special pic. It's hard to be immortal, be we can try. Love ya, SgtPete

Here are my teasers:

Best senior pic ever....:)

Click this link to see 2014 Cheer for the Cure at the Walgreens photo site, you need to log in with a valid e-mail.

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Goto my list of previous pages, see if you were there last year. 


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