Saturday, February 27, 2016

2016 Cheer For A Cure at Genoa HS

This is my sixth year at Cheer for a Cure. I am glad this event still carries on. I know in today's economy, money is tight, and those young smiles are always beckoning for more. So I do this for you. It's my way of giving something back and for me a purpose for living a little longer. To see those smile makes me smile and warms my soul. 

I want to thank Maria Maluchnik, her friends and family, for this event. She and her gang does it for the love of other and to remember those who fell. But she also know that helping that fight against cancer today is the greater purpose for tomorrow. We all need a purpose. It starts with you realizing that the purpose of life is to have a purpose. Most purposes are noble and well meaning. A truly great purpose will give a reward beyond imagination and may just outlive you.  Just ask Maria, but it is much better to ask yourself what is my purpose? Love your smiles, see you next year. 

Please print some today. Time goes by and that photo pic can be deleted, current phone contracts expires, unable to access that love ones file or phone, or just lost in that pile of files with all those pics. When there is fire, we grab that album  What will you grab? If you want something more, then ask. 

Below are links of those Cheers who led the way. 

2015 Cheer for a Cure, Genoa, Ohio, Feb. 27, 2015
2014 Cheer for a Cure, Genoa, Ohio, Feb. 15, 2014
2013 Cheer for a Cure, Genoa, Ohio, Feb. 16, 2013
2012 Cheer for a Cure, Genoa, Ohio, Feb. 18, 2012
2011 Cheer for a Cure, Genoa, Ohio. Feb. 19, 2011

Click this link to see all pics taken at Cheer for a Cure in Genoa 2016. You will need a valid e-mail to register and then sign in.  

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