Saturday, September 17, 2016

2016 BSA at Davis Besse for the Nuclear Merit Badge, Oak Harbor, Ohio

Another year and so another class has come and gone. Those in the Boy Scouts and those at Davis Besse just love learning. For a lesson learned will stay with you for life. That any good or even bad lesson can't be taken away. They are here to stay with you in your mind and recalled when needed. It's a double helix string of messenger RNA, reproduced/copied if needed, re-organized and formatted, then stored. There are tricks to recalling it longer but it's all there. Your brain is like some huge solid state hard drive made of gray matter. Keep learning, for there is a law, called Wolf's law, which simple stated as "if you don't use it you will lose it." If you don't exercise, you get weaker, losing bone mass, becoming atrophic, but if your not learning you will get something called stupid. Learning is mostly found in life, in your scout manual, in a book, on a job, in family and in friends. Just ask or read and they will tell. It's best to learn in school, to study hard, to get the A, get the degree, get the job, then get the good life. If you want help remembering, ask how someone who learned. It's not rocket science, they will be glad to give you that answer. Life goes fast, just look at those previous BSA event listed below, those boys from 2011 are now young men in college, so study your lessons hard and learn today and tomorrow. Never ever stop learning, else stupid takes over.  

Well I love to take pictures of friends and family so here they are. Sorry I drone on, it's nights and I am lonely. Also some operator error with these pics, so call me and I will do them again. There so much to learn, that sometimes I need to re-learn it again.

A Scout Master ask me how long I've been doing this, so I said I would link all my previous BSA pages. Here they are:

BSA at DB for 2014, Oak Harbor, September 20, 2014.
BSA at Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant, Oak Harbor, Ohio October 26, 2013
BSA at Davis Besse for Nuclear Merit Badge, Oak Harbor Ohio, September 15, 2012
BSA at Sabroske Park 2012 in Oak Harbor, Ohio, September 14, 2012

Click this link to see all Pic taken 2016 BSA at DB at Walgreen's Photo Site Note: you will need to log in or register.   

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